Extreme English 4 Kids and Teens is NOT accepting applications for teaching positions at the moment.  Thanks!  Christina

Welcome to Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens Genoa, founded by Christina Ann Phile Traverso in 2008!  Christina has been teaching English to Italian youth from age three to age twenty-three since 2004.  Through rigorous lessons, hard work and lots of play, students learn to love and appreciate learning English, knowing they are working towards a better future for themselves, full of numerous academic and job opportunities.  Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens strives to guide students to become bilingual before finishing high school.  Becoming bilingual is a long process, and students who begin at an early age have an enormous advantage, especially when confronting difficult English exams.  At Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens, students take TOEFL exams beginning in 2nd-year elementary school, and they go through the various CEFR English levels at the following pace:

CEFR A1 - 3rd Year Elementary School
CEFR A2 - 5th Year Elementary School
CEFR B1 - 2nd Year Middle School
CEFR B2 - 1st Year High School
CEFR C1 - 3rd Year High School
CEFR C2 - 4th/5th Year High School

With a CEFR C2 certification, students meet the English requirements necessary to be accepted into university departments in English all over the world.  Christina is dedicated and determined to help every student reach those goals, which allow them to enter into adulthood prepared for any opportunity, inside or outside of Italy.


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Lorenzo Traverso Art

Benvenuti a Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens Genova fondata da Christina Ann Phile Traverso nel 2008.  Christina insegna Inglese ai giovani italiani dai tre ai ventitre anni dal 2004.  Attraverso lezioni rigorose, duro lavori e tanti giochi gli alunni imparano ad amare e ad apprezzare l'inglese sapendo che stanno lavorando verso un futuro migliore per se stessi pieno di opportunita' scolastiche e lavorative.  Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens porta gli alunni ad essere bilingui prima di finire il liceo.  Diventare bilingue e' un processo lungo e gli alunni che iniziano presto hanno un grosso vantaggio sopratutto quando devono affrontare esami difficii di inglese.  A Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens gli studenti iniziano a fare esami di TOEFL in seconda elementare e seguono il seguente programma di certificazioni CEFR:

CEFR A1 - 3a Scuola Elementare
CEFR A2 - 5a Anno Scuola Elementare
CEFR B1 - 2a Anno Scuola Media
CEFR B2 - 1a Anno Liceo
CEFR C1 - 3a Anno Liceo
CEFR C2 - 4a/5a Anno Liceo

Con una certificazione CEFR C2 gli alunni acquisicono i requisiti necessari per essere accettati nelle facolta' universitarie in lingua inglese in tutto il mondo.  Christina si determinata nell'aiutare ogni alunno/a ad arrivare a quel obiettivo, cio' permette loro di entrare nel mondo degli adulti preparati per ogni opportunita' sia dentro che fuori Italia. 

extreme english staff

Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens staff consists of native English-speaking freelance English teachers who teach English out of passion.  We have no in-transit teachers, which allows us to follow our students closely from year to year, allowing us to reach specific and rigorous objectives with each student.  Our goal is for students to become bilingual in speaking, reading, writing, and listening in English before finishing high school, an ambitious and arduous task.  Our teachers also speak Italian, which is necessary when teaching intermediate and advanced English grammar.  Teachers work with student groups according to their age-specific unique capabilities.  Christina and Niccoló work with pre-school and elementary school students covering beginning and intermediate English learning.  Christina, Giorgio, and Niccoló work with pre-teens and teens from fourth-year elementary school to second-year middle school students covering intermediate English learning.  Christina works with students from third-year middle school to high school, carrying students through intermediate and advanced English learning.  Teachers regularly communicate and closely monitor every student's English language learning experience by working together as a team.

Extreme English 4 Kids and Teens is accepting applications for teaching opportunities in Genova and Milan starting in February 2022.  Please, send resumes to christina@extremeenglish4kids.com.  Thanks!  Christina

Christina Phile Traverso

Christina Phile Traverso

Founder and Director Beginning to Advanced English Teacher (Wife, Mom, Art Lover & Voracious Traveler) Polarsteps @extremeenglish4kids Hello! I'm Christina, and I'm the Founder, Director and Head Teacher at Extreme English 4 Kids and Teens. I've been developing my English program for nearly twenty years now. With unique teachers, through rigorous lessons and games beginning at an early age, becoming bilingual is a realistic challenge for every Italian kid and teen. Work hard! Play hard!

Niccolo' Traverso

Niccolo' Traverso

Beginning to Intermediate English Teacher (Son, Brother, Student, Traveler) Hello! I'm Niccolo' (AKA Niki), and I'm Extreme English's newest team member. I grew up in Extreme English 4 Kids. I specialize in students in pre-school and elementary school. Get ready to work on vocabulary and early grammar with me!

Giorgio Mattia Traverso

Giorgio Mattia Traverso

Intermediate English Teacher SAT Math Prep Teacher (Son, Brother, Student, Traveler, Surfer) Hi! I'm Giorgio, and, when I'm not busy working on my Mechanical Engineering degree at UNIGE, I'm busy helping students from elementary and middle school with their English and math. I prepare students for the SAT math section, too! I look forward to working with you.