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Aggiornamento: 6 ago 2020

The end of our Tallinn bike tour!

THEN In 2008, I decided to take two students with me on holiday. The two girls, just out of third-grade elementary school, left with my three sons and me for Texas. It was an experimental holiday, planned to last six weeks. The holiday proved to be a great success. From that summer on, I have been traveling with students in the summer ever since. My students keep daily journals, in English, of course, where they document each experience of our days. Those journals are their ultimate souvenirs! We travel in small groups, and we rent houses or stay in hostels, so not speaking English is not an option. The general rule is that we do two cultural activities, and then we do one fun, recreational activity. Traveling and speaking in English, that's the goal!

HOUSTON When most Europeans think of traveling to the United States, Houston is far from their thoughts. Houston is so big, and it is so far from New York and California that people don't even consider it most of the time. Physicians, scientists, and astrophysicists certainly know that Houston is worth visiting though. At least them! The immensity of Houston is enough to shock you. The latest loop around the city is called the Grand Parkway, and it is 270 kilometers long! Galveston is where the beaches are, and it's fun! Children's Museum Houston ( is one of the best! Houston Zoo ( is one of the best zoos, too! Between parks, museums, beaches, malls, and more, Houston is a great city to visit! Of course, if you can't handle 40-degree (celsius, of course) with 120% humidity weather, you might have a problem with Houston. Yeah, just like John Swigert had a problem with Houston.

LONDON Londonium, as the Romans called it, London proves to be the most popular requested city, and, off the top of my head, I can't even remember how many times I've been. Oh, London! London is so alive and so kid-friendly! From "The Making of Harry Potter" Warner Bros Studio (which must be booked months to a year in advance!) to the National Gallery (digs deep into my soul every time I go!), my students never get bored. Seeing Tower Bridge in 2012, when the Olympics were taking place, was very cool! Each time we seem to find new adventures to embark upon and new things to learn.

Our Coney Island sunset!

NEW YORK Well, there's no way to describe how thrilling New York is. Bike-riding in Central Park is always fun, and, yes, we know where the Balto statue is. The Empire State Building is never dull. Between Ellis Island, the MOMA (except maybe for the golden poo we were so lucky to have seen), the Guggenheim, and Radio City Music Hall, enhancing our knowledge of local culture is a must. If you ever want to drool over books, visit the JP Morgan Library ( Seeing Daniel Radcliffe in "The Cripple of Inishmaan" was a definite memory-never-forgotten. Finishing out New York with a day at Coney Island is a particular prerequisite in the program.

Hewey Lewis after our Mets game!

PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia's rich history allowed infinite opportunities to learn about American history. Great hostel in Philly! We couldn't miss out on the chance to make a Rocky run up the stairs to get to the Museum of Art.

BOSTON Now, Boston is a city that makes you want to buy a collegiate textbook and have at it. The air breathes of learning and exploring and wanting to plop down in a park and read for hours. Visiting Harvard and MIT is downright exhilarating!

Real While E. Coyote cactus!