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Aggiornamento: 7 mag 2020

My sweet little baby boys in 2001! 😍😍😍

When I was expecting my third child, my older two, both boys, were almost two and three years old.  (Yes, we did plan that.)  I wasn't hoping for a girl.  Healthy was good enough for me.  So, when I discovered in the sonogram that the third was a boy, too, I was in no way disappointed.  How cute they'll all be, I thought.  And that was undoubtedly the case.  Life with them has been so incredibly imperfect, wonderfully full, and unmistakenly fun!  So many years and a lot of new white hairs later, now they are 19, 21 and 22 years old, I find myself often sitting and just thinking about them.  I miss them terribly when they are not home.  I worry that they aren't eating as healthy as we taught them.  I wonder when I'll be able to hug them again.  I wonder when we’ll share just one more heart-to-heart. I wonder if they are choosing kind people to be around, people who will love and respect them at least a fraction of how much me and their dad have done for the last nearly twenty-three years. COVID 19 has changed life for everybody.  Our predictable and safe lives from before are no more, and they may never exist as they did six months ago every again.  Re-inventing a new life has become the goal of the entire human race.  So be it. Circumstances have been on my side, though, at least through my eyes.  My husband, who is a Chief Engineer for Royal Caribbean, is home because he was already home on holiday before the lockdown, and cruise ships aren't sailing. And, at the moment, companies cannot embark or disembark anyone without individual and specific permission from the CDC.  Coincidentally, my oldest son was here on holiday from Iceland, where he’s lived for almost three years, and he’s been with us since Italy went into lockdown. So, since the beginning of March, we have all five been home, and it is now lasting months.  Staying at home this long all together hasn't happened since the boys were very young.  What a lovely idea!