Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens Genova Foce

Via Alessandro Rimassa 157R / 16129 Genova (GE)

39 3471412371 / christina@extremeenglish4kids.com

Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens Genova Nervi

Via Biasioli 29 / 16167 Genova (GE)

39 3471412371 - christina@extremeenglish4kids.com

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Per informazioni chiedo gentilmente alle famiglie di contattare Christina durante le seguenti orari:

dal lunedí al venerdí dalle 8 alle 13

Dalle 14,30 alle 19 sono in corso lezioni e non rispondo al telefono durante gli orari di lezioni.  Grazie mille!

Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens compra libri per bambini e ragazzi in Inglese.  I libri con la copertina rigida si paga 3 euro ciascuno. I libri con la copertina morbida si paga 2 euro ciascuno.  I libri devono essere in buoni condizioni e verranno controllati prima dell'acquisto.  Non si accettono libri scolastici.

Welcome to Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens! Extreme English 4 Kids has been teaching English to Italian youth since 2004. Founded in Genoa by Christina Ann Phile Traverso, Extreme English 4 Kids strives to empower youth by helping them discover their learning potential and their ability to strive for personal excellence. Through unique learning opportunities, allowing kids to utilize all their senses and every aspect of their learning capabilities, students flourish in a positive and encouraging, yet rigorous and challenging environment. Learning any second language is extremely challenging. Through hard work and lots of play, learning English is exciting for students! Work hard! Play hard!


As all children do naturally with their native languages, at Extreme English 4 Kids, the first objective is to learn vocabulary words, hundreds of vocabulary words! Through various written, oral and visual exercises, games, active gameplay and lots of in-class and at-home practice, students can enlarge their knowledge of vocabulary words, the first fundamental step in learning any language. Moreover, at Extreme English 4 Kids, learning a vocabulary word means learning how to spell the word, how to say the word correctly and how to read the word. Phonetics is extremely important and not overlooked at Extreme English 4 Kids. While learning vocabulary words, students learn which part of speech each word is, facilitating the next exciting step of moving on to grammar! Students move through various essential stages of grammar such as verb conjugating, modal verb function, question words, sentence formation, story writing and oral and written text comprehension. Students acquire a sound and detailed base of the English language, allowing them to move on to higher levels of learning the language. Perfecting English takes years of work, and becoming bilingual takes even longer. Having a sound foundation at a young age makes the lifelong road to becoming bilingual easier.


In 2016, Extreme English 4 Kids & Teens began implementing technology in English into the program.  Students participate in laboratories and workshops doing various coding and robotics projects in English.  Because the technology world is so English oriented, learning vocabulary relevant to the tech world is essential in today's world.  Students can participate in one of three Coder Dojo sessions offered weekly during the academic year.  Coder Dojos are free of charge, and, by attending, students can double their weekly English learning time at no extra cost, while learning critical technological skills for their future.


Since 2008, Extreme English 4 Kids has been encouraging students to "Learn English and go!" Knowing English basics allows students to travel with ease and excitement and, it enables them to put into action that which they have learned in the classroom. Since 2008, Extreme English 4 Kids has taken many roads less traveled and visited the following cities around the globe: Houston, Austin, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Gothenburg, New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C. (great 4th of July!), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dublin and Cork! INCREDIBLE Singapore was added to the list in Summer 2016... while leaving footprints with the monkeys in Pulau Ubin along the way!  I added new adventures in 2017 by visiting Stockholm, Helsinki, London, Amsterdam and, of course, irresistible Tallinn! Summer 2019 brought us back to California, The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Horseshoe Bend for teens and Amsterdam and Dublin for pre-teens. Extreme English 4 Kids students learn how to embrace other countries and their culture by living among the people who live there, speaking English along the way!


For more detailed information, call Christina 347 1412371